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Synology Surveillance Station 7 License Crack




These devices are expanded in their full function with the usage of surveillance devices license pack. DiskStation Manager DiskStation Manager, or DSM, is the management interface and control center of all shared resources on the network. It is based on the GUI interface used in the network management and server software of the same name. The DiskStation Manager consists of a number of discrete components, each offering a specific function: DiskStation Manager: The DiskStation Manager is the core component of the DiskStation platform. It provides user management and configuration of a DiskStation, as well as access to any DiskStations on the network. It also acts as a web server, and allows a number of applications to be hosted, including the DiskStation Manager Panel and the DiskStation Alarm Panel. DiskStation Manager Panel: The DiskStation Manager Panel provides access to the DiskStation Manager. It also serves as a web-based system manager. It is built on top of the DiskStation Manager, providing extended functionality. It consists of: System Configuration: provides administrative tools to configure the Network Devices and the DiskStation System Status: displays the current status of DiskStations on the network, CPU load, disk load, and more System Properties: gives the properties of the DiskStation Manager, and allows the user to view their installed applications DiskStation Alarm Panel: displays a snapshot of the DiskStation's alarm event log. Controllers DSM has 2 main types of controllers for the built-in network management functions. DiskStation controllers are attached directly to a DiskStation, and serve as the firewall and security for all the DiskStations in the network. Users can set the password for the DiskStation Controllers, either by entering the user name and password for the DiskStation in which it resides, or by using Remote Secure Boot technology, which allows the user to create a secure boot and password for a DiskStation from a DiskStation Manager DSM has built-in modules for access controllers, monitoring cameras and intercoms, and IP speakers. These modules can be added to the DiskStation with the included modules. Interface The DSM is a set of built-in modules that perform device management, simple file transfers and multi-platform communication via Samba. User management The DiskStation Manager (DSM) provides easy to use graphical interface to manage users. The following device groups are available: User Shared folder IP network Management users




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Synology Surveillance Station 7 License Crack

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